Here goes ...

Hi there,

I'm so excited to launch my new blog! 

I hope you find my contributions useful and would love your feedback! 

I'm often asked by people what it's like to be married to a Rabbi and this is a small window into my hectic life. 

Something else that has pushed me to start this blog is people asking me all the time where I buy my clothes and shoes etc so I decided ill share different looks of different outfits that I wear and hope it can help give you some ideas of how to dress fashionably and modest at the same time.

Being that I'm 6 months pregnant, it's not always easy finding clothes that fit. I mostly buy regular clothes because I find it very difficult to buy maternity clothes here in Cape Town and so I just make a plan with buying regular clothes and adjusting to my size. 

Here is my look of the day. 




I landed up having to go to the dentist last week and it ended up being an expensive visit because I 'happened' to walk past a boutique called Alessia on the way to the lift and found this shirt dress on the rail.

I figured I'll wear the belt until it won't close and then the shirt will expand with my stomach - and I do happen to love denim!

The cute little girl is my youngest daughter Laya who is attached to my hip at the moment so couldn't get a photo on my own.