The Great Big Challah Bake

If you haven't yet registered for the massive communal Challah Bake this Wednesday please do so now by clicking here and join me and hundreds of women from across Cape Town for this incredible experience! 

The Mitzvah of Challah is one of the three special Mitzvot (divine commandments) associated with the Jewish woman.

Not everyone knows that the term Challah actually refers to the small piece of dough taken from the larger portion being prepared for baking. In ancient times, this was given as a gift to the Kohen (Priest). Today it is burned and discarded.

This Mitzvah strengthens our faith by reminding us that all our sustenance comes to us through the hand of G-d. In appreciation we therefore give of 'our first and best' to G-d. 

The mystics explain how the performance of this mitzvah has a far-reaching effect on the one who performs it, her household and on the very character of her her home. It infuses the home with Spiritual awareness and the values of warmth, love and compassion.

If you don't live in Cape Town the chances are there is a Challah Bake near you as hundreds of cities around the globe prepare to #keepittogether.