Challah with my "Honey"

The holiday of Sukkot starts tomorrow and for those of you who are baking Challah, I saw a really cool idea today where you bake the Challah around a honey dish (It's still customary to dip Challah into honey on Sukkot for a Sweet New Year).

The way you make this Challah is by putting a braided Challah (three piece braid) around the dish and then rolling out two pieces of Challah and making a twirl and putting it on top of the braided Challah. You need to give them both a good pinch so that they don't come apart while baking.

If you don't have the right size dish you can put an empty can (of corn or beans), as long as you have a dish that can fit inside the hole once the can is out. It's best to put a small amount of water in the empty can before placing it in the oven.

Remember to spray the dish or can on the outside so it slips out easily.

This can also be used as a beautiful Shabbat gift for someone, by placing a bottle of wine inside the Challah and wrapping it up.

photo (8).JPG