Mauritius it is!!!

After all the suspense the final destination for my surprise 30th getaway was the stunning tropical island of Mauritius!

I had a feeling that was where we were going as we've never been and always wanted to go. And I must say I am feeling beyond spoiled right now!

From the white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters to the sprawling exotic gardens and the impeccable service that includes a hot bubble bath (with petals) waiting for you when you get to the room at night, this place is even more beautiful than I imagined!

Being Kosher meant that we needed to do some prep before coming but besides for that it has all come together nicely. The hotel has been very accommodating and arranged for the chefs to meet us on arrival to ensure we would be looked after. We literally brought a suitcase filled with food and ready made meals which are double wrapped and warmed up in the hotel. We brought our own cutlery and cutting knives and the vegetables are provided by the hotel. Of course we also bought biscuits and nosh - in short enough food for a month!

If anybody needs advice on keeping Kosher while traveling I'm happy to share more details on what we did.

Being the wife of a Rabbi we naturally get stopped by Jews wherever we go. The latest were some Jews from France who are also staying in the resort. So now we will even have some Shabbos guests! G-d bless the wisdom of our Jewish mothers who ingrained within us the need to take extra 'just in case' - it has definitely come in handy and there will be no shortage of challah, wine and even delicious Kugel!

How special to be part of the Jewish family - imagine, on the coast of Mauritius strangers from opposite ends of the globe will come together to spend Shabbos, our heritage and traditions bringing us together. 

Here are some pics of our little Heaven on Earth. 


photo 2.JPG