A Healthy Supper


My husband is currently in New York attending the inspiring Chabad Rabbinical Conference along with thousands of Rabbis from all over the world.

 So while he is away I can get away with cooking healthy :)

 From the previous recipes that I've posted - chocolate chips, white Challah etc, you would think I wasn't into healthy eating but the truth is, over the past few years I've become a lot more health conscious making many changes to my lifestyle and diet. So in fact there is much that I prepare that I don't actually eat myself.

 While I'm not quite vegan yet, I've stopped eating meat, chicken and dairy. Amongst other reasons it is because of all the hormones and anti biotics that are pumped into everything.

 But being healthy doesn't mean depriving oneself of good food. On the contrary not only can healthy food be tasty, I feel better afterwards as well.

 The supper that we had last night is healthy, filling and absolutely delicious with a mix of low dense carbohydrates and proteins.

 I grilled portobello mushrooms with some fresh lemon juice, garlic cloves and some sea salt. I then sautéed some onions in a pan with a bag of spinach and some sea salt and steamed cauliflower. If califlower is not your favorite, then you can put some mashed potatoes on top.

I can't say my kids share all my eating choices (yet) so I made some other food for them as well, but for me, this together with a fresh salad is the perfect supper!