Shopping in Oz!

I just got back from a family holiday in Sydney Australia - which is why I've been so quiet for the last three weeks. My hubby’s parents and most of his siblings live in Oz and the last time we were all there was over two years ago, so it was very special for us and our children to spend time with their grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. The family doted over our kids, hosted us for dinners and generally made a big effort to spend us much time together as possible. It was very special family time but I must say that Shlepping four kids on long plane rides and dealing with the horrible jet lag is not easy (to say the least!) and I think am now ready to stay put for a long time!

Living the hectic lives that we do it was also great for our kids, who loved having their mom and dad spend so much time with them, taking them out all day everyday to lots of cool places. And I must say Sydney is really jacked up when it comes to being kid friendly. There are so many stunning parks everywhere and being school holidays there as well, there was no shortage of fun and exciting activities for the kids to enjoy.

But as much as I loved spending time with the family I couldn’t resist some good old fashioned retail therapy. 

Cape Town now has  Witchery, Country Road and Trenery so I didn't need to check them out - it is actually cheaper to buy those brands here in South Africa, but I did check out plenty of other great stores. There were lots of sales on and one great sale find included this sleeveless waterfall jacket from Seed. You literally just need a black top and skirt underneath and it makes a stunning outfit! You can also dress it up or down depending on the shoes you wear. 

I think I've already gotten my money's worth; in the three weeks since I bought it I’ve worn it on a Friday night, Shabbat day to Shul and on a Saturday night out. I think the miracle is that it's still clean and I haven't had any kids spill their food all over it! My brother thinks it looks like a bathrobe :) but I love it.

Seed also has gorgeous kid’s clothes. If you want to check out their website click here.

I saw something similar on the Country Road website in a more practical colour :) Click here to see it.