Do you need a break after the holidays?


Hello hello to all of you - let's bring on 2016!

It's been a while since I last blogged and have had a busy but great bonding time with the family. I had my brother and sister-in-law stay with us for 3 weeks from Johannesburg and their six kids - can't help but say three sets of twins! I also had my parents join us in Cape Town for a few days and my sister and brother-in-law from Uruguay with their three kids. Add on the Cape Town family and it was quite a tribe!

We spent a beautiful Shabbos all together at us (I think there were 20 people sleeping under one roof!) and coming from a big family it's very rare for so many of us to be together without a Simcha happening at the same time. 

There were 7 out of 11 siblings here and very special memories were created for all the kids and of course the adults too:)


Some of the familia :) 

Some of the familia :) 

My parents with some of the grandchildren  

My parents with some of the grandchildren  

While it was very special hosting family and friends, I think that all Capetonians can do with a little alone time and pampering after the holidays. 

I have the perfect place if you just want some quiet and relaxation - a little oasis in in town, which is so peaceful that I found myself dosing off when I paid them a visit. 

It is a fabulous Beauty Salon called ‘Precision Beauty’ and they offer a wide range of services including: Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Laser hair removal and more. It is a new, modern facility, with friendly staff and a great ambiance. Check out their Facebook page here for full details. It is also great place to visit before Mikvah to help with all your preps.

Special promotional offer: If you tell them that you heard about them from ‘Rabbis Wife!’ you will receive 20% off all treatments.

Spoil yourself! You deserve it!


The joy of wearing a wig

By now you must be wondering how I have short hair in one picture and long hair in the next. Being married I'm obligated to always have my hair covered when I'm out in public so I wear a 'sheitel' (the Yiddish word for wig). I used to think that it's odd to wear wigs of different lengths and that it would be confusing for people, but I recently decided that I may as well make the most of wearing a wig and to have fun with it!

Genuine human hair wigs are quite pricey but you don't want a wig that looks like a wig either so I prefer saving up till I could afford a quality wig and look great every day! (there's nothing worse than a bad hair day) It makes all the difference! 

So I had this old wig which was past its sell by date (usually three years) that was just sitting in my cupboard and I decided to give it a new fresh look for the Summer.  

Old wig

Old wig


I was so excited to find a hairdresser in Cape Town who had experience in the UK working with wigs and I'm loving the new shorter look! 

New look

New look

If you are living in Cape Town and need your wig or your hair cut, I recommend making an appointment with Kelly at Scar on Kloof Street. You won't be disappointed! 

I also have friends in Joburg who I would be glad to recommend -so if you want to buy a wig or have one highlighted or cut in Joburg, feel free to leave a comment and I will give you their details.


8 Make up must haves!

Yom Kippur is behind us and I want  to first of all thank you for all the great feedback I've received since launching the blog! I really appreciate it! 

On Yom Kippur one is not supposed to apply ointments or make up. During the day a few people asked me how I got my make up to look so good being that I had only applied the night before. The answer? Using the right long lasting products! 

Below are what I find to be the 8 'must have' products to keep you looking beautiful for hours at a time. 

This is a picture taken before Yom Kippur

This is a picture taken before Yom Kippur


Whether for a wedding, Shabbat or that lazy day when you don't feel like re-applying, these are products you will find indispensable to your make up collection. 

  • 1 Estée Lauder Double Wear Light
  • 2-Estée Lauder Double Wear Powder
  • 3 Nars Blush
  • 4- Bobbi Brown Long wear cream shadow stick  
  • 5- Bobbi Brown eye shadow  
  • 6- Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
  • 7 - Mac Intense eye liner  
  • 8 - Mac select cover up


Please feel free to share the products that work for you.