Launching the 'Sarah Feldman' Fashion brand!

I am so excited to announce, after quite a process with lots of learning curves along the way, the launch of my brand new 'Sarah Feldman - Cape Town' Modest Fashion Range! 

The official launch will be held on Tuesday February 7, as per details on flyer below following which you will be able to peruse the full selection online at

I have done my best to keep the prices as affordable as possible and all the products are proudly South African made! 

The range includes dresses for the full spectrum of ocassions, and can be worn up or down, giving a modern, fashionable twist to every aspect of daily living. 

I have spent hours creating and tweaking the designs and styles and I really hope you'll find something to suit your taste. I see it as an honor to provide modest yet fashionable clothing for you to enjoy and I hope you can join me at the launch, otherwise see you online! 


Fashion for Pesach!

I always love sharing my favorite picks from 'Mastiks' new collection.

Their latest range has lots of beautiful modest dresses and lots of options for those looking to find something special for Pesach.

I wore this dress to a wedding recently but it's also perfect for wearing to Shul and I love the black fringed jacket. Tassels are the in thing at the moment and its a lovely way to finish off any outfit especially with the change of weather.

Have a look at Mastiks website and shop away here 

Thanks to John Henry for photos -

Autumn Shopping!

I visited Johannesburg for a cousins wedding yesterday and had some extra time to see what's in the shops.

I love shopping this time of year because there are so many long sleeve tops and longer skirts around before Winter approaches - many of which that can be worn for all seasons. 

These mannequins were in the window of Foschini. They look like great outfits that could be used for smart or casual so if you have some time before Pesach (and the Omer period) to hit the stores it is worth checking out what they have on offer.