Pesach (Spring) Cleaning!

I can't believe Pesach is less than two weeks away! I really don't know why
but when it comes to ordering my fish, meat and wine for Pesach I kind of
leave it to the last minute. I know Pesach is coming, but it is like I have
a mental block when it comes to actually making lists and orders.

One thing I'm pretty good at though is the cleaning. I start a month before
and go through each room at a time, using the opportunity for a good 'Spring
Clean' (Pesach falling out in the spring {in Israel} is one of the suggested
origins of the term). I also like to go through the clothes to see what fits
and what I can give away. I personally feel like a load has been lifted off
my shoulders when I get through a cupboard of clothes and give away what
isn't needed. It really makes you feel lighter and at the same time you are
doing a huge Mitzvah - whether you are giving it to a domestic worker or to
a charity - you are making a difference to someone's life.

The Spiritual energy around Pesach is one of redemption, liberation and
breaking free. On a physical level I really feel that freedom when I've
tackled the house, one room at a time. On a Spiritual level it means
breaking free from those things, both internal and otherwise, that hold us
back from achieving our true potential. May we all experience true
liberation this Pesach!

On a lighter note, I had a chuckle when my husband send this to me this
morning asking if I can relate :) I definitely can
- can you?