A New Soul - New Life!



 Tevet- Jan 2017

It’s been a while since the Jewish - Lunar New Year, when I made a new year resolution to blog...but I guess the season of my last pregnancy trimester held my inspiration inward, and now that I have been blessed with a precious new soul, the flow is coming back, I am once again ready. Hence, apologies for the delay, and at least for the solar New Year [of the nations], we can resume the resolution for the soul talk blog, here on Rabbi’s wife.

So where else to begin, than ones own personal reflections on what has to be the most life changing ,soul deepening moment in a person’s life….the moment of giving birth to a new soul…

It was last week, that I was blessed with my beautiful little girl, our 6th child k’’ah.

And upon recovering from the awesome, although not pain free experience [for those of us who are crazy enough to choose to homebirth without epidurals] I couldn’t help but think….

Zeesy, what happened to you? You prepared all these spiritual affirmations in your head of what would help you get through the labour and contractions that come on fast and furious towards the end of active labour, transitioning and pushing…..and you were so stuck in your body…..I couldn’t get away from ‘OMG the pressure’….., my legs and body overwhelmed with the most intense sensation of pressure that one begs G-d for relief from a place of ‘hellish’ bodily pain.

And I questioned myself…..

What happened to the image that I was supposed to have of the garden of Eden with the angels bringing me my new baby’s soul as a direct gift from G-d ?...what about the affirmations of ‘I am bringing a soul down level by level ?…'

I was so stuck in body, I couldn’t get to soul….

And then, I stopped to think….

But being stuck in body, I brought down a soul, and touched the highest heights of ‘In the image of G-d’ partnering with Hashem in creation.

So maybe I couldn’t get ‘spiritual’ but I sure got to soul…..And in that I discovered, THIS - is our purpose...….

To be stuck in body, but to be able to bring down soul…..

No one is expecting us to be angels, or to be thinking of Gardens of Eden, or the heavenly spheres. But we are expected to be in body, feeling the pressure of being stuck in a body, but having the ability in our everyday lives, encounters, thoughts, words and actions, to be bringing some soul down, touching our inner soul, touching another soul….and thereby bringing a ‘touch of heaven’ down to earth. As I said on my FB baby post, sometimes you gotta go through ‘hell’ to reach heaven…[self chosen I know :-) cause recovery is the up side of it all….]

And then, when I look at my perfect piece of heaven, our little ‘Bluma Rivka’- the same concept rings true….she is so stuck in body, it’s all about her eating, sleeping, changing, and the cycle repeats itself...but she is the strongest depiction of purest soul...despite being so ‘in body’...just smelling her brings me back to my Garden of Eden image and the spiritual affirmations….

So, the next time you find yourself ‘stuck in your body’ just think, am I bringing down soul? If yes, that’s good, that’s the ultimate! If not, find a way to bring ‘heaven down to earth’, even while stuck in earth!